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SuperFooty uPaint team - 5 team offer

custom base, disc and figures colours


Two part base assembly.

Bases and discs are supplied glued together for a better playing experience

Heavier than LW bases and achieve a similar weight to the original HW base style. Great for spinning and sliding, when polished.


Any colour/quantity possible as long as it adds up to 

11 bases and discs per team


You can choose 10 base/discs combos the same and

a different one for the spare goalkeeper etc


You can now choose from 3 colours of goalkeeper and control rod from the product options below


Use the comments box to specify your colour choices when ordering

Choose your own base/disc colours from the list below


    55 x bases

    55 x discs

    55 x uPaint figures 

    5 x diving goalkeepers and control rods

    Supplied unboxed and unassembled


    Base and Discs colours:

    red (discs only)

    white (sold out)

    royal blue (discs only)

    bright green (sold out)

    dark green (sold out)


    bright orange (discs only)

    orange (discs only) 


    light blue

    black (discs only)

    maroon (sold out)

    clear transparent (discs only)


    Goalkeeper colours:

    white, orange, yellow, light blue


    Goalkeeper rod colours:

    green, white , black



      uPaint team - 5 team offer

      SKU: SF2008
      Playing figures colour
      GK colour
      Rod Colour

      • Returns accepted within 7 days of receipt of purchase

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